iPAQ 2215 (was RE: Benchmarks (was Re: XScaled Squeak))

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Mon Aug 18 19:35:50 UTC 2003


> I have to say that as a PDA, PocketPC is total crap compared to Psion's
> 'Agenda' application, and the alarms aren't anywhere near loud enough to
> be heard with the iPaq in a pocket while driving. I'm still thinking
> about checking out the Sony UX-50 and the Zaurus SL-C760 as well.  I
> haven't totally given up on Psion yet, but I hate to spend another $500
> (US) for a machine that will invariably be a useless piece of junk in
> two years.  I've had two S5s and a 5mx since they came out, and all
> three have ended the same way: flakey or dead LCD.

my impressions...

If you find teh PocketPC total crap as a PDA, then I suggest you steer
clear of any Zaurus model, at least for the time being.  PocketPC's PIM
software is at least a few light-hours ahead of what you can get for the
Linux Zaurus, even if you spring for commercial replacements like those
from theKompany.com; the PIM stuff available for Psion or NewtonOS is a
number of light-years ahead.  In general, the software available for the
Zaurus line is pretty sad compared to what you can get even on PocketPC.

As a Squeak platform, the C760 is very nice though. It gets pretty similar
tinyBenchmarks values, although I wonder how different this iPAQ (or
similar WinCE/PPC machines) *feels* compared to a Zaurus C750/760.  In my
experience, Squeak on a Zaurus SL-5500 felt quite a bit faster than the
Dell Axim X5, even though they had pretty similar tinyBenchmarks results.

Another thing to note that if you find the iPAQ's alarm to be too quiet,
then you probably won't even be able to hear the Zaurus C760's alarm.  For
one, there is no way to set an alarm without making an appointment, which
is a pain when you want to use it as an alarm clock.  While I've never had
a problem with the alarm sound and volume on any PalmOS, WinCE, PocketPC
or Newton as far as waking me up, the few times I've tried to use the
Zaurus C760 as an alarm it has failed to do so.

I've not used a Sony UX-50, but in my experience, PalmOS devices are a
good deal better as PDAs, although they cannot run Squeak (yet). At least
its screen (480x320) is higher res than the iPAQ's (240x320) although not
as high as the Zaurus C7x0 (640x480).

P.S. I'm finally back on the list!

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