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> Hi, 
>   Just a question, will J5 and VI4 projects be
> incorporated in the base Squeak?
VI4 is the cover name for an intended upcoming change in the image
format, originally meant to allow a change in the object layout of
CompiledMethods. Since it will require a break inbackward compatability,
it is also an excellent time to do some backlogged changes like
dropping a whole raft of obsolete primitive accessing code, cleaning up
method headers and hopefully incorporating some version of Block
Closures. Pretty much all the essential work has actually been done in
one form or another but it all has to be gathered, integrated, reviewed,
fixed, re-reviewed and coated with chocolate.

J5 is a name for a new version of Ian's dynamic translation system.
Whether it is J5 or J6 or PollyAnna by the time it is ready is something
we will know at that time.

Base Squeak is a concept that may not even exist by that time anyway.
Several routes to chopping the system up are being explored and who know
what will turn out to be the winning idea?

And of course, everybody working on all these things has to try to fit
it in between fighting for their lives and mourning Columbia.


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