UUID problems

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Sun Feb 2 05:46:13 UTC 2003

So I started building myself a new Seaside deployment image only to find 
it didn't work.

I had update my image to 3.4gamma and run an .st file that we always run 
to clean up the image and set a few prefs, etc.  After an embaressingly 
long time (some of Seaside's low level games seemed to be preventing my 
from getting errors) I discovered the problem was with getting a new UUID.

So the reason for the problem is that Smalltalk>>discardSoundAndSpeech 
discards DigitalSignatureAlgorithm>>randomBitsFromSoundInput: which is 
now needed on Windows to generate a UUID as far as I understand it.

So can that method be left and the rest of the sound stuff discarded? 
Or do I need to keep all the sound stuff in my image just to get a UUID?

Secondly, I was trying another image which had gone through the same .st 
cleanup script which worked fine on linux and OSX (the image upgrade and 
cleanup script were done on OSX).  And when I do "UUID new" in that 
image (running on Windows) I get a dialog saying "#dev#random does not 
exist" and asking me to choose another name or cancel.

So why is the behaviour different depending on whether I upgraded the 
image and removed the code on OSX or on windows?  Doesn't make for very 
portable images...

Anyone know anything about this?

julian at beta4.com
Beta4 Productions (http://www.beta4.com)

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