Bill Spight bspight at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 2 23:36:54 UTC 2003


I am implementing Combinatorial Games. (Conway numbers and
infinitesimals are combinatorial games, FYI.) Combinatorial games are
partially ordered, and may be confused with each other (neither greater
than, less than, or equal to). G || H means that G is confused with H, G
|> H means that G is greater than or confused with H, and G <| H means
that G is less than or confused with H.

The trouble is that, when I try to make any of those an operator, I seem
to run into the use of || to delimit local variables. I get an error
message, "Argument name expected ->". The loss of || is not so bad, as
<> is an alternative. But it would be nice to use <| and |>, and I do
not see a necessary conflict with other usage. 

Any help much appreciated. :-)



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