[FIX] UUIDGenerator-makeSeedFromSound-ifCurtailed-fix-jf

julian at beta4.com julian at beta4.com
Mon Feb 3 05:53:12 UTC 2003

from preamble:

"Change Set:		UUIDGenerator-makeSeedFromSound-ifCurtailed-fix-jf
Date:			2 February 2003
Author:			Julian Fitzell

UUIDGenerator>>makeSeedFromSound uses #ifCurtailed: to catch any errors.

On Windows, when you remove the sound stuff from the image, an error is
generated but doesn't trigger the error block.  As a result you can't
get a UUID.

Tim Rowledge said on the mailing list:

    ifCurtailed: only runswhen the Process is terminated!!

    Sigh. I provided a 3.4b change to do this for the makeUnixSeed but
    spotted the sound one."!
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