comparing objects in a collection

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Mon Feb 3 10:22:54 UTC 2003

Hi Janet!

I just replied to your first post and then saw this followup. 

Janet Abdul-Karim <jn_karim at> wrote:
> I am understanding what you said about the difference between #= and #==, but I still get the same result. I am wondering is my logic somehow work or could I possibly be missing some type of punctuation because I know the object is there but it seems to always evaluate the false part and then prints out the type of the object that i am looking for.

I think that if you look closely in Transcript it shows *for each
element* in the collection either the element or the "No such account
exists..." string.

So if the collection contains three instances of Account and you search
for the one with number 3 (lets say the last one added) it would
probably show something like this in Transcript:

No such account exists in this portfolio
No such account exists in this portfolio
an Account

...or something like that. One line for each element.

regards, Göran

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