[ANN] Ma client server

Chris Muller afunkyobject at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 23:10:01 UTC 2003

> As far as I understood the documentation, the following should send 'aaa' and
> receive 'Hello world!'?
> MaServerSocket new listenOn: 12345 answer: [ :requestByteArray | 'Hello 
> world!' ].
> mySocket _ MaClientSocket hostAddress: #(127 0 0 1) port: 12345.
> mySocket sendData: #(65 65 65)
> Regards, Markus

Oops..  Honestly, I haven't tried it with Strings, but it seems like it
*should* work.  Just in case, I've changed the documentation to convert that
'Hello World' to a ByteArray (#asByteArray) until I can test that.

The other thing is..  I haven't actually tried to connect to a Socket listening
in the *same* image, only different images.  It may work, I just don't know for

I hope this answers your question!  Did you find an issue?

I think also included a couple of additional files in the SAR, clientTest.ws
and serverTest.ws.  The client sends a byteArray, the server reverses it and
sends it back, which the client then verifies.


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