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See the following:

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On Tuesday 04 February 2003 05:37 am, Nathanael Schärli wrote:

> There, you can also read more about our future plans and why there
> is no changeset available yet.

Nathanael, thanks for making this available!

You say on your page:
Another reason is that filing in traits requires recompilation of the 
whole system. This is because we need to add some instance variables 
to ClassDescription and because we need to generate some data to fill 
the caches for the incremental reasoning. Unfortunately, the kernel 
(resp. the ClassBuilder) of Squeak is broken for at least half of the 
(inofficial) versions since Squeak 3.2, and it is also broken for the 
latest version of Squeak 3.4 (state January 31). Thus, it would not 
be possible to load a traits changeset into such an image even if it 
would exist.

Can you describe the ClassBuilder bug in such a way that we could fix 
it? Or maybe I've missed the bug report...

Ned Konz

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