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Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Tue Feb 4 21:23:24 UTC 2003

May be this would the opportunity to throw away hand made parser and use
the right technology like Smacc. I saw that there is a scanner and 
for Smalltalk so it could be extended for squeak (may be john already 

I saw that the RefactoringBrowser in VW has now a color editing while 
you are typing.
You can identify errors while typing. Any decent IDE now has that kind 
of feature.


On Tuesday, February 4, 2003, at 07:48 PM, Bill Spight wrote:

> All:
> One snag seem to happen here:
> Scanner>>scanToken
> 	[(tokenType _ typeTable at: hereChar asciiValue) == #xDelimiter]
> 		whileTrue: [self step].  "Skip delimiters fast, there almost always 
> is
> one."
> 	mark _ source position - 1.
> 	(tokenType at: 1) = $x "x as first letter"
> 		ifTrue: [self perform: tokenType "means perform to compute token &
> type"]
> 		ifFalse: [token _ self step asSymbol "else just unique the first
> char"].
> 	^token
> The token type of | is #verticalBar, which does not begin with x, and 
> it
> does not combine with other symbols to form a token. I am sure that
> there are good reasons for this. You would like |[, |(, )|, ]|, and ||
> (and maybe others) to remain unambiguous.
> I could fiddle with it to have it recognize |> and <| as tokens (best 
> to
> do without ||, I think), but I do not really know what is best.
> Any help appreciated. :-)
> Many thanks,
> Bill
> Bill Spight wrote:
>> All:
>> I am implementing Combinatorial Games. (Conway numbers and
>> infinitesimals are combinatorial games, FYI.) Combinatorial games are
>> partially ordered, and may be confused with each other (neither 
>> greater
>> than, less than, or equal to). G || H means that G is confused with 
>> H, G
>> |> H means that G is greater than or confused with H, and G <| H means
>> that G is less than or confused with H.
>> The trouble is that, when I try to make any of those an operator, I 
>> seem
>> to run into the use of || to delimit local variables. I get an error
>> message, "Argument name expected ->". The loss of || is not so bad, as
>> <> is an alternative. But it would be nice to use <| and |>, and I do
>> not see a necessary conflict with other usage.
>> Any help much appreciated. :-)
>> Thanks,
>> Bill
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