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Markus Fritsche Fritsche.Markus at
Tue Feb 4 23:44:02 UTC 2003

Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 00:15 schrieb Janet Abdul-Karim:

> I need to find a morphic tutorial.  I did a google search and the examples
> there didn't help me.  The book by Guzdial is confusing to me and I have
> also looked on the GT website.  I am just trying to create a frame, text
> area, and some buttons to process somethings.

from readme.txt:
The Squeak team works in periods of expansion, when we try new approaches and 
write lots of new code, and periods of reflection, where we re-factor, clean 
up and document (well... when there's nothing else to do ;-).  It is 
important for critics to understand that the morphic system and the end-user 
programming systems that are embedded in it, are still in an expanding 
brainstorming phase.  We know that the morphic protocols are overgrown and 

There's too much to be done, obviously!

So far, the best way to learn about morpic is to do it. I never had the time, 
and I fear I'm not going to have it in the next two years. 

I also read some papers about the roots of morphic (I even tried self for 
windows), but I didn't get it until now.

Hmm. The goal of morphic in self was to build user interfaces as objects, not 
as code, am I right? And morphic in squeak is not well adopted this way, am I 
wrong? I mean, is morphic meant to be build as objects and then distributed 
as objects (by projects), or in a "declarative" way by code (not sure if I've 
used the word "declarative" correctly - I abstracted the meaning of 
"declarative" from some postings in cls about images)? Or should it give you 
a choice with which of these two approches you are more confortable with? 

Additionally, I'm confused of the way how to create my very own UI for my 
program, say some database frontend (like these ugly autoforms of access, you 
know them)? Do I subclass the classes, adding my own classes to the 307 
*orph* classes existing in my image? Do I make a new morph and penetrate it 
by mouse? 

And, without wanting to blame Doug, what is the approach of BobsUI in a couple 
of sentences? Build a prototype by composing various BobsUI widgets? If yes, 
how do I distribute these without using an image? 

Without having distributed more than a mandelbrot app in java, I'm always 
thinking of how to transfer my programs (ui & code) without an image. That's 
mainly because I haven't learned how to undo changes(ets) in squeak. Hm, now 
I should finish, before my todo list is ten metres long!

Regards, Mar"gna, gna, gna"kus


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