Morphic tutorial

Bob Arning arning at
Wed Feb 5 00:37:06 UTC 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 00:44:02 +0100 Markus Fritsche <Fritsche.Markus at> wrote:
>And, without wanting to blame Doug, what is the approach of BobsUI in a couple 
>of sentences? 

Well, being the Bob of BobsUI, I can answer that. BobsUI was SIMPLY an answer to those on the list at the time who suggested that the inability to create in Squeak simple data-entry forms was a glaring weakness. I spent about a dozen hours putting it together and released it as a simple example of how one might do that very common (boring?) task.

>Build a prototype by composing various BobsUI widgets? If yes, 
>how do I distribute these without using an image? 

The intent of BobsUI was to build user interfaces by writing code, not by some graphical manipulation. Frankly, I have never understood how such graphical techniques would cover the last kilometer to the goal of making a complete system. I still think that, with adequate thought to the higher-level interface, creating a user interface in code is a relatively painless task.

So, if you're still interested, how can one distribute something written using BobsUI? You can do it either simply as code (i.e. the code you wrote to create the UI objects) or as a Project, where you can distribute your code as well as UI objects already created and ready to work.


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