[Q] Endianness (was: [ANN] Ma client server)

Chris Muller afunkyobject at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 5 04:27:42 UTC 2003

> dependent. As far as I understand, Ma Client Server would cause problems when
> used with mixed big/ low endian machines, but I'm not sure (just using little
> endian ones), but I am not an expert.

I'm no endianness expert either.  My understanding is its two different ways to
store an Integer, so a heterogeneous environment would be problematic.  I
noticed that, when I set my appearance.. | display depth.. it provides both big
and little endian.  I wonder whether endianness can be specified when putting
numbers into a ByteArray..?

Until multi-platform issues get worked out, I have downgraded the "stability"
on SqueakMap to "Beta".

Say, if you get time, would you mind running clientTest.ws and serverTest.ws on
Linux?  Two images, server first, bam, bam, Transcript wizzes 1 to 50, done. 
Well, hopefully anyway..


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