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Doug Way dway at
Wed Feb 5 21:11:01 UTC 2003

This sort of progressive list of tutorials is very handy, so I just added these to the Swiki at:

- Doug Way

David Faught wrote:
> Having just gone through this a few months ago, here is what I would
> recommend for introductory reading/playing material:
> 1. First, read through the "ReadMe.txt" that is included in the base
> distribution.
> 2. Play with all the cool stuff in the "Welcome to ... Squeak" window
> and "The Worlds of Squeak" in the base image to get familiar with
> interacting with Squeak.
> 3. Do the "Painting", "Handles", and "Make your own car" tutorials
> pointed to by
> 4. Do John Maloney's "Morphic Tutorial" and "Tutorial on Morphic" which
> are pointed to by
> 5. Do the "Counter Tutorial" pointed to by
>  (There are a bunch of other
> interesting Morphic tutorials linked to by this same page).
> 6. Do the fishy Wonderland tutorial at
> (I couldn't get through to
> this the last time I tried)
> 7. Look through the Squeak FAQ, Squeak Bons Mots, and other great stuff
> at
> 8. Make sure that you read "Basic Squeak Development Tools" linked to
> from the Squeak FAQ "Programming in Squeak" section.  You may also want
> to print out the "Squeak Quick Reference" documents on the Swiki.
> 9. Read through the "MorphicLayoutArticle" project at
> (and play with a few of the other
> project while you're at it!)
> 10. Pick a modest project, and start building it.  It's probably
> easiest to start by modifying something that already exists rather than
> starting from scratch, but do whatever you're comfortable with.
> One of the first projects that I did was to modify the BouncingAtoms
> object to use MovingEyes instead of just dots so that I had a bunch of
> flying eyeballs looking around.
> 11. Ask questions on the mailing list.  It's a great source of help!
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