MethodContext question

Bill Schwab bills at
Wed Feb 5 21:21:55 UTC 2003

Hello all,

For reasons I'll spare you, I noticed that I have a 17MB image file for
3.4 beta.  Squeak Map might have helped to bloat it a little, but
_something_ had to be wrong, as 10-11MB is more typical for my Squeak
images.  Knowing that I had been doing some poor-man's 3D modeling with
Squeak Alice, I found 28 Wonderland instances, and quite a few actors
and cameras.

Chasing down gc problems is definitely not my favorite activity, but
after a little of it, I kept running into method contexts for instance
(vs. class) methods that at first glance appear to be holding onto (via
the receiver iv) some of the objects that I think should be garbage.  It
could be nothing, but since there are apparently problems with compiling
certain classes, I thought it important to expose my ignorance on the

Appologies in advance for what is probably a false alarm.


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