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Chris Burkert christian.burkert at s2000.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Feb 6 09:13:34 UTC 2003

shane at shaneroberts.com wrote:
> I think Chris Burkert has made a great suggestion for getting 
> newbies more quickly integrated into the community, helping them 
> learn Squeak, and contributing by writing.
> I volunteer to:
> 1)  coordinate the setup of the Swiki page

I thought about it yesterday and I would say, that it would be better to 
write a kind of manual like it PHP has. This would allow easy 
multilingual support, search and a kind of documentation where a newbie 
feels at home. Many of the people I know say that smalltalk doesn't have 
the ability to integrate in the outside world a little bit. So let's 
start here by showing them something they know.

There was squeakdoc.org why is it closed ? Who did it ? This would be a 
great starting point, wouldn't it ?

> 2) coordinate setup of the squeak-doc mailing list
> 3) Administer SwikiDoc
> 4) And write documentation

At first we can integrate existing documentation. It should also be good 
to document the ANSI Standard and point out the differences to squeak. I 
would put my time in this if you all agree.

> How do we get a consus for go ahead on this?
> Can anyone give me email addresses for interested parties who 
> could facilitate launching this (who manages the Swiki, and the 
> mailing list)?

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