Documentation [was: Morphic tutorial]

Chris Burkert christian.burkert at
Thu Feb 6 09:28:00 UTC 2003

Hi Stephane

Stephane Ducasse wrote:
> Hi chris
> The first cool thing to do would be to have: a class comment for each  
> class and
> two examples on the class side.

This would be really cool, but it should be split into small pieces. So 
for example document morhic. On the other hand it should be easy to 
remove all the class comments and example methods to get the image small.

> With that included into the Squeak image this would be great.
> Note that the examples could be SUnitied so that we could be 100% sure  
> that they are correct and the classes is up and running. But apparently  
> other community understood what we are missing all the time.

While this would be fine we should give newbies a kind of documentation 
they know. Most of the new squeakers I know think that squeak should 
present itself in a manual form like other languages do (think of PHP). 
Not everybody will take a look at class comments and I think that the 
main documentation should be at some other place.

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