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Noury Bouraqadi bouraqadi at ensm-douai.fr
Thu Feb 6 14:00:00 UTC 2003


goran wrote
> I didn't really mean to present the test code itself. Rather I meant
> (for example) that this "interactive book" - which would contain stuff
> much like any manual/book would like examples, explanations, the "big
> pictures" etc - would have each little part of it's content "tied" to
> one or more test cases.
I really like this idea. And it will probably be possible to include 
such manual within the image. And make pages where tests does not pass 
  be automatically marked as "obsolete" or so. Of course with each 
release, we can generate an html version of the documentation and make 
it available on the web.

> PS. Perhaps we should simply announce a "clean up week". During that
> week we each try to pick a corner of the current image (not in packages
> since the need is highest in the base image) and pick out the broom.
> Anything helps - even simply writing a class comment or typing in a few
> TestCases. And then we end the week (last two days) by cross-reviewing
> the changes and pushing them all the way through into the update stream.
> Otherwise it will get bottlenecked at the Harvesters. Hmmm, sounds like
> fun to me!
I think that having a guidance will be good but unless there is some
volunteers for it we need to find alternatives. Something like your
"clean up week" seems to me easier to achieve. We can even extend it and
have clean-up workshop in every Smalltalk event such as Camp Smalltalk.
What about to plan a such workshop for next ESUG conference ?

Dr. Noury Bouraqadi
Ecole des Mines de Douai - Dept. G.I.P

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