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Brent Vukmer bvukmer at blackboard.com
Thu Feb 6 16:58:13 UTC 2003

Class comments would be great, but surely not *better* than class comments AND example code AND SUnit tests AND a super multi-media "magic book".

I think that when Documentation team gets rockin' and rollin', that more and more class comments will get created/submitted/harvested/released as part of their work.  

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	If you don't mind my opinion I would like to say that better than having a
super-multimedia-hipertext-help-manual on squeak would be to have class
comments on every class.

	Just my 2 cents


> And finally - HTML and/or printed docs could probably eventually be
> produced from this interactive book. But the need wouldn't be that high
> of course.
> > 3) Administer SwikiDoc
> > 4) And write documentation
> >
> > How do we get a consus for go ahead on this?
> Well, we can start by fleshing out the "plan" a bit more - I like things
> to be very concrete. And then if all Guides are "for it" then you could
> IMHO take that as "go".
> regards, Göran

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