Squeak Documentation Project -- add a Flap

Doug Clapp dclapp at qwest.net
Thu Feb 6 18:57:46 UTC 2003

Documentation???  hooray!!!

May I add a small suggestion, at the risk of making this a "too big so it
won't get done" kinda thing?

I'd like too see a "Documentation" flap added to the Official Image.

It would contain:

1 (Minimum)
A selection of tutorials, language refs and books now available on the net,
after gaining permission for their inclusion, of course.

2 (nice addition to 1.)
A set of hyperlinks, updated and checked for every major release, for Squeak
info on the net.  (This might also be added to Scamper...)

3 (an awesome addition to the above)
If documentation were actually written for all the classes, someone might
write a "documentation scooper" to gather them all, from top to bottom, and
create a single document that included them all.

Since talk doesn't cook rice, I'd happily volunteer to provide (1.), if this
idea is approved by whoever's in charge here :-)  (which I've still never
figured out; I also think we need a Squeak Benevolent Dictator For Life, as
Python does, to have the "final say" on Squeak...which I think would making
moving forward more graceful, if not faster.)

doug clapp

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