Squeak Documentation Project -- add a Flap

shane at shaneroberts.com shane at shaneroberts.com
Thu Feb 6 19:17:41 UTC 2003

I would be happy to write the documentation scooper, if someone 
will point the way.  I was already thinking about this.

Presumably the idea here would be to make the Class and Method 
comments "readable" in a more linear fashion textually.  Obviously 
they can all be read in the browser now.  But you can't easlily "scan 
across" lots of them at once, to get more of an overview, if you 
have to poke around with the browser.

So somehow assimilating and formatting them like 
"documentation", would make them more comprehensible.  It would 
also make lack of documentation more visible, so it can be 

Any more thoughts on this?

On 6 Feb 2003 at 12:57, Doug Clapp wrote:

> Documentation???  hooray!!!
> May I add a small suggestion, at the risk of making this a "too big so
> it won't get done" kinda thing?
> I'd like too see a "Documentation" flap added to the Official Image.
> It would contain:
> 1 (Minimum)
> A selection of tutorials, language refs and books now available on the
> net, after gaining permission for their inclusion, of course.
> 2 (nice addition to 1.)
> A set of hyperlinks, updated and checked for every major release, for
> Squeak info on the net.  (This might also be added to Scamper...)
> 3 (an awesome addition to the above)
> If documentation were actually written for all the classes, someone
> might write a "documentation scooper" to gather them all, from top to
> bottom, and create a single document that included them all.
> Since talk doesn't cook rice, I'd happily volunteer to provide (1.),
> if this idea is approved by whoever's in charge here :-)  (which I've
> still never figured out; I also think we need a Squeak Benevolent
> Dictator For Life, as Python does, to have the "final say" on
> Squeak...which I think would making moving forward more graceful, if
> not faster.)
> doug clapp

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