3.4gamma sources

Chris Burkert christian.burkert at s2000.tu-chemnitz.de
Thu Feb 6 19:52:07 UTC 2003

Tim Rowledge wrote:
> Chris Burkert <christian.burkert at s2000.tu-chemnitz.de> appears to have written:
>>shane at shaneroberts.com wrote:
>>>I have just downloaded the 3.4gamma image from the ftp site:
>>>When I run it, it complains it can't find the sources.  Where should I 
>>>get the .sources file?
>>>I have the SqueakV3.sources file I got with 3.2.
>>And exactly this is the right for all 3.x versions.
> But does Shane have it in the right place? On all the platforms I can
> think of it needs to be in the same directory as the VM, so IF you
> happen to make a new directory for the new image you might possibly end
> up breaking this rule.

On Unix it's the best to create a symbolic link in the Imagedirectory. 
On Windows ... mmhhh ... what's Windows ?

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