Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Thu Feb 6 19:51:45 UTC 2003

On Thursday 06 February 2003 11:31 am, shane at shaneroberts.com wrote:
> I am getting two MessageNotUnderstood exceptions at the same time.
> I am running Squeak3.4g-5168 under Windows XP.
> I load a raw image and start make changes to items under the
> "appearance" submenu
> of the World menu.
> I change the desktop color and "set gradient color" and this works
> fine. I can set the gradient color repeatedly and all is well.
> Then I select "use texture background" which produces a "graph
> paper" background.
> This is fine but now comes the bug.  After setting "use texture
> background" if I THEN set gradient color CRASH.  There I get the
> attached MessageNotUnderstood.

This should fix it.
Ned Konz
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