[BUG]SqueakMap 3.5a problems (Re: [SqueakMap] Problem Loading Connectors 1.9)

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Thu Feb 6 23:53:53 UTC 2003

On Thursday 06 February 2003 03:20 pm, Ken G. Brown wrote:
> Connectors 1.9 was not listed in the SM Package Loader left pane
> until I deselected the first two checkboxes, actually the left pane
> was blank until I deselected. 

By default, when the package loader comes up it shows all 
auto-installable packages. That is, the top three checkboxes are 

If you didn't see Connectors until you deselected the first two 
checkboxes, you either have a version that isn't recognized (the 
first box), or you don't have the installers installed.

> I tried downloading after the first
> select of Connectors 1.9, then tried again after deselecting and
> selecting again without changing the checkboxes in between. Still
> no go, no .SAR. Here's the Transcript of the Install and attempt to
> download.

OK, I just tried this.

I had to load the "SARInstaller for 3.4" package first manually before 
downloading/installing Connectors would work.

It appears that we need to address these SqueakMap problems:

* many packages that are 3.4 compatible are also 3.5a compatible (and 
should be marked as such?)

* The approprate installer packages should be loaded when SqueakMap is 
loaded. Perhaps the load is also being confused by the version 

Ned Konz

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