Re-doing Morphic ( Was: Re: Traits prototype image )

daniel.a.joyce at daniel.a.joyce at
Thu Feb 6 17:34:03 UTC 2003

Sometimes you got to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

Look at Handmorph sometime, or just about any root morph in the system...

You'll see all sorts of truly hideous code that makes it large, fragile, and
hard to understand. If the replacement toolkit is cleaner and more flexible,
porting will happen...

I've seen the use of IF logic to look at classes to decide what to do ( First
BIG OO no-no ), and HandMorph alone is worth a rewrite. The whole thing is a mess...

The problem is Morphic widgets don't composite well ( There are all sorts of
one-off widgets that developers have made to use in their projects. Take a look
at the number of different list morphs ).  Really basic click button demos are
easy in Morphic. Anything more complicated is endless hair pulling and

Because of the umpteen-gajillion half-baked inflexible widgets in Morphic, I've
decided on using PHP-GTK for a personal project instead...

GTK has a better widget layout than Morphic does. 

If yer gonna fix ClassBuilder, why not Morphic? People have rewritten other
hunks of the Squeak image too (Like the Projects component, which as designed,
made 3.3 unusable for managing Projects, and Projects was supposed to be the
Killer App for Squeak programmers).  If Projects got rewritten, then why not
Morphic? I'd like to see it redone, and made avail as a project. That way you
could choose from SqueakMap.

> Let's say a team of people ( or one really energetic person ) reworks Morphic to 
> make it simpler, easier to understand, and perhaps faster.  They announce 
> "SonOfMorphic 1.0" to the list and put it on SqueakMap.  How many current 
> Morphic app developers would put in the work to move their app to SonOfMorphic?  
> How many Project authors would re-do their Projects using SonOfMorphic?  Let's 
> say half of the current authors/developers do so.  Wouldn't that split the 
> efforts of the Squeak community?

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