a new user from etoys

Lex Spoon lex at cc.gatech.edu
Thu Feb 6 16:59:03 UTC 2003

> >
> >Other things of note:
> >
> >	1. A menu popped up and wouldn't go away.  I also see this over and
> >over again with the college students who use Squeak at GT.  The new user
> >actually hit on using a halo to get rid of a menu, but that amount of
> >time and effort shouldn't be necessary for this.
> I'm not quite getting this. I think the logic is very similar to both 
> MS and Mac in that the menu will go away if you slide and click (or 
> is this just Mac?).

Mmm, after a little fiddling around it seems that the problem has gone
away by version 3.4.   I'll send another email if I run across it again
in a current version. The problem *was* the one Ned described.

> >	5. It is unclear how to minimize a viewer flap.  It didn't come across
> >to this person as a flap.  Perhaps its related to the fact that the flap
> >icon is tiny.  Maybe the first four viewer faps created in a project
> >should have HUGE flap tabs, and the tabs should only shrink when you
> >create more of them?
> I think this is good.

Okay.  It turns out to be real simple, so take a glance at "Huge Viewer
Flaps" on Bob's SuperSwiki to see it in action.  I just stretched the
viewer morphs taller for the first four flaps.


PS -- Please don't mistake the tone of my post.  As always, it was VERY
exciting to see someone glued to a computer that, for the first time, is
under their control.

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