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Fri Feb 7 01:42:48 UTC 2003

On Thursday 06 February 2003 05:53 am, johann.murauer at 

> I am a bloody SmallTalk / Squeak beginner, so please excuse my
> stupid questions.

No problem!

> #1: How can I create an EXE with Squeak so that other people can
> start my application like any other app (on Windows). I read
> something that this is possible with SmallTalk/X but I could not
> find any docs for this topic concerning Squeak.

You will find it easiest to ship two files: the .EXE (the VM) and the 
image file. Give them the same basename and put them in the same 
directory and the .EXE will find the image.

This is like shipping an EXE that requires various DLLs to run 
(typical for many Windows programs) but is easier to manage since 
there's only two files to worry about.

> #2: In which form SmallTalk programmers deliver their applications
> to the end user (who have no SmallTalk installed)?

Squeak apps can be delivered in any form that people use deliver other 
applications that require more than one file. Anything from a plain 
Zip, to a self-extracting Zip, to the installer-based packages (there 
are several free Windows installers that give the now familiar 
"wizard" style of installation).

> #3: There are threads in SmallTalk. Are these threads mapped to
> threads of the operation system or are SmallTalk threads something
> completely different?

Smalltalk dialects do this differently. In Squeak, the various threads 
(Processes) in the Smalltalk program are managed within a single 
operating system thread. These are much lighter weight than a Windows 

You might want to look at the Swiki for more about distribution:

BTW: there is no capital T in Smalltalk.

Ned Konz

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