SM 1.06

Ken G. Brown kbrown at
Fri Feb 7 16:54:30 UTC 2003

Tried the SqueakMap and Connectors 1.9 install process again on a fresh
3.5a-5168 image and everything appeared to work smoothly. When the SM
Package Loader came up, nothing showed up in the left pane until I
deselected the checkbox for 'display only packages for current version'. I
did not have to separately load SARInstaller before Connectors 1.9 would

Ken G. Brown

> >Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 10:57:08 +0100
> >From: goran.hultgren at
> >Subject: SM 1.06
>Hi all!
>I have:
>1. Added category "Squeak3.5" to SM. Also reordered the categories to be
>more logical. So now you can verify your packages for 3.5! But note that
>there are interesting problems with this as Doug and Ned has pointed out
>in a separate thread. To begin with the 3.4 packages will work like a
>charm in 3.5alpha (since it is in fact the same as 3.4) but as 3.5alpha
>progresses they may very well turn incompatible. Doug had some ideas
>about this but lets discuss that.
>2. Upped the load script "SqueakMap" to 1.06 and did a little fix that
>Ned sent me. This little fix is just to make the load script install
>SARInstaller for 3.4 in a 3.5 image. So you don't need to update package
>"SqueakMap" just because it turned updateable. And frankly such an
>"upgrade" behaves a bit weird - but I don't think it does anything
>harmful. We need to look through this load script later to make it a bit
>Btw Ned, I used "beginsWith: 'Squeak3.5'" instead of 3.5alpha. I assume
>that is not a problem.
>Mail me if there are any problems.
>regards, G–ran

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