Jornada 720 and morphic menus-Help

Ned Konz ned at
Fri Feb 7 17:02:35 UTC 2003

On Friday 07 February 2003 08:08 am, Just4Fun wrote:
> Is there a way to scroll down a menu popup in morphic? The menu is
> cut off at the bottom of the J-720's screen. I've given up using it
> because I can't get to all of the menu options. I think I must be
> missing something--again... TIA  Rachel

No, you're not missing something; it's that the Morphic menus don't 
check for visibility or screen size. The MVC ones do, somewhat.

This should be fixed.

What I've done on smaller screens is to use the pushpin (if there is 
one) to anchor the menu, then drag it upwards by its edge.

This is annoying.
Ned Konz

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