Squeak internationalization

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Fri Feb 7 19:46:40 UTC 2003

Yoshiki Ohshima has done some recent very comprehensive work in this 
area for Squeak ...




At 8:01 PM +0100 2/7/03, Samir Saidani wrote:
>Hello !
>You will find a thread in this list called "Internationalization and
>MenuItemMorph ?" where I tried to initiate a discussion about
>this. Check the archive.
>alberto at chiaroscuro.com writes:
>>  I'm a newabie (too)..
>>  It's possible to translate the strings of  morphic ui into another language?
>>  And if the answer is yes (for latin-1 languages) what's the right way
>>  to do that?
>>  There is something like a gettext() call and message catalogs? thanks
>>  in advance Alberto


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