Trying to combine image and vm

peter.gadzinski at peter.gadzinski at
Fri Feb 7 21:24:29 UTC 2003

>I'm curious as to why you'd want to do this, since it won't save any 
>space. And people are quite used to having to unpack zip files, etc. 
>before they run a program.

>You can rename your image and executable to whatever you want; as I 
>recall, if you name the VM "myApp.exe" then it'll look for 
>"myApp.image" in the same directory.

>Just a suggestion...

Thank you Mr.Konz for the suggestion. 

I'm looking to do this because I've written an application in Squeak and would like to distribute it. I'm want to use a wrapper by a company called SoftWrap. The Softwrap wrapper provides security of code, time limited trial and ability to purchase/register the application. The only thing is that the wrapper is designed to wrap an .exe not .image file so the security feature is nulled.

I've had no troubles creating an install package using Inno Setup Compiler.

Peter Gadzinski 

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