Method Scoping and Runtime Envinronments

Stephen Pair spair at
Fri Feb 7 21:52:17 UTC 2003

Derek Brans wrote:
> It would be so nice to call a function in a piece of code and 
> instead of 
> the call travelling up the class hierarchy in search of an 
> implementor, 
> it could also travel through some other scoping hierarchy similar to 
> that of Runtime Environments.

You can use blocks to accomplish this result.  The code might look like:

Env at: #someName put: [ self doSomething ]

Then, later you could access and evaluate the block with:

(Env at: #someName) value

But, I'm curious why you'd want to do this rather than just invoke a
method of an object in your dynamic scope.

> It would be even cooler if you could just call
> functionName
> and the system would search self first and then Env for an 
> implementor.

This idea touches on layers and perspectives.

As a side note, I've reworked RuntimeEnvironments to incorporate the
ideas discussed in the thread on dynamic scoping.  The new version is
not published to SqueakMap yet however; I'm using it in some work I'm
currently doing and will wait until it's had a chance to age a bit.

- Stephen

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