Which mail reader do you use and enjoy the most for reading this discussion list?

michael.cole at nimiq.net michael.cole at nimiq.net
Fri Feb 7 17:34:57 UTC 2003

Count me as an active user as well. Celeste has been my only email
client for several years.

BTW, does anyone know if there is an easy way to read an Outlook db into

I ask because I think a morphic email interface running on top of an
Outlook db could be a terrific way to put Squeak in front of a big
audience of ordinary folk. 

It's a doable opportunity. The typical expectation of an email client is
not high. Most people barely know how to use the most basic functions
(read, write, reply, forward, create categories and file, maybe simple
filters). They will expect an address book. These requirements are not
daunting. Another point is that people use email in a habitual fashion.
(And the addictive capacity of Squeak and morphic are well known to this

A well designed graphic interface, even if was completely novel, would
attract at least a small fraction of the existing users, if only because
of that novelty. A small fraction of the existing users of Outlook (or
Netscape for that matter).

Michael Cole

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