[GOODIES] [ENH] CelesteAddressBook and SIForgeWizard

Giovanni Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Sat Feb 8 17:27:29 UTC 2003

    I have just re-subscribed to the squeak-dev after months...
I have looked at DVS and SAR and I loved them!
So, I have released two new package for Squeak:

CelesteAddressBook can be used to browse your email addresses, auto 
collect them and sort by frequency
It is a SAR Archive.

SIForgeWizard is a small seaside application for the authors
of the http://www.siforge.org  italian web site.
SIForgeWizard is suitable for  building a small XML-article
complaiant with the SIForge specification.
 Look at http://www.siforge.org  for more information.
It is ALSO a SMALL example of how building a simple wizard with seaside.

For comments, questions and so on email to
 jj at objectsroot.com
the current mantainer of these packages

  [   [  [ JJ ]  ]   ]  | First, they ignore you. Then they laugh  
                        | at you. Then they fight you. Then you win
http://www.siforge.org  |          Mahatma Ghandi

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