Lotus Notes for Squeak [Project Plan]

Giovanni Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Sat Feb 8 19:14:19 UTC 2003

Hi All!
    I am playing with seaside and I'd like to build a small 
collaborative web application..
I'd like to have something like swiki but more "personal-oriented".

I write here some random thoughts, asking for some advice and directions 
by you, the squeakers!

For example I'd like to integrate my emails, documents on Hard Disks and 
so on, with a simple web interface.
I'd like to browse also Squeak documentation (for example like dandelion 
I'd like to connect information like the brain does: 
I want  publish and share what I have produced, and auto update it using 
existing and simple WEB  DAV/ftp/protocols.

I want to be interoperable with other languages (not only Java  but also 
Lisp, python and so on).
I want a GOOD speed on current hardware!

I know Squeak GUI can also do more of this things thanks to morphing and 
to the
project publishing features but I'd like to integrate them,  use more 
standard  web protocols (for example for exchanging data with  PHP 
forums as well).
And finally, I want use a strong DB (like Magma or Minnestore) for 
 blazing fast access!!
What do you think?
There is *yet* something like this?

Ciao ciao!

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