[BUGS] DVS+SAR left out comments?

Giovanni Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Sat Feb 8 21:09:52 UTC 2003

Ned Konz wrote:

>That hasn't happened to me; I made the Connectors SAR directly from 
>the DVS menu. And there's class comments where there should be. Can 
>you tell me more about what happened?
I have done this form a Squeak image ported form Window to Mac (this can 
destroy things?!)

I have Filled in my CelesteAddressBook.cs frOm an old scratch version.
Then I have created a new DVS Package and generated the SAR.
I have then unloaded the DVS and reloaded it as SAR, tested  and 
uploaded to squeakmap.
Then I found the "bug".
I have builded a special CelesteAddressBookInfo with some methods for 
the changes text and the readme.

The diff is this:
$ diff CelesteAddressBookSAR.st CelesteAddressBookDVS.st
< SystemOrganization addCategory: #'CelesteAddressBook-Kernel'!
 > Smalltalk organization addCategory: 'CelesteAddressBook-Kernel'!
 > CABContact class
 >       instanceVariableNames: ''!
 > CelesteAddressBook class
 >       instanceVariableNames: ''!
< CABContact class
 > CelesteAddressBookInfo class
< CelesteAddressBook class
<       instanceVariableNames: ''!
 > !CABContact commentStamp: 'gg 2/8/2003 20:58' prior: 0!
 > I model a CelesteAdressBook contact. I store interest information 
about a cont
act (it is a company? How often is it present on my addressbook? and so 
< CelesteAddressBookInfo class
<       instanceVariableNames: ''!
 > !CelesteAddressBook commentStamp: 'gg 2/8/2003 20:58' prior: 0!
 > I can collect celeste email addresses, storing it in a sorted collection.
 > You can search in the collection, using a graphical interface.
 > old - MVC is unsupported at the moment.
 > Try with:
 > CelesteAddressBook openHelp; open
 > Giovanni Giorgi (gio at aobjectsroot.com)!
 > !CelesteAddressBookInfo commentStamp: 'gg 2/8/2003 20:59' prior: 0!
 > I am the Info description of the CelesteAddressBook Package!
 > Smalltalk at: #FilePackageManager ifPresent: [:p | p registerPackage: 

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