Which mail reader do you use and enjoy the most for readingthis discussion list?

Jon Hylands jon at huv.com
Sun Feb 9 01:38:59 UTC 2003

On Sat, 8 Feb 2003 21:28:41 +0000 (UTC), cg at cdegroot.com wrote:

> Really. Any mailing list that goes over a certain activity is thrown
> into my local news spool, so I have the full power of threading,
> killfiles, etcetera available. Every year I evaluate one or two
> alternatives, but I never have seen anything that comes close. 

Forte Inc's Agent mail-reader (which is what I use) does this for all
email. Of course, only available on Windows...

It can handle large databases, and large folders. My squeak folder
currently has just under 32,000 messages, and I have over 150,000 messages
in all my folders.


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