Uber-newbie: I wrote my first object!

Glenn Alexander glenalec at shoalhaven.net.au
Sun Feb 9 05:01:02 UTC 2003

I'm very new to this.  
I wrote a little morphic object and I have put it at:   
It is actually two objects as I thought it might be a good idea to  
split the string generation from the display morph so it is more  
If anyone wants to give me some constructive criticism on my  
programming, it would be welcome! They are VERY small objects. If I  
get the code looking like an example of good programming, I can write  
a short tutorial on how I did it, if people think that's useful for  
other newbies.  
Glenn Alexander  
(As the network here is down, I'm on 28k dialup for a while, so i have  
turned off list mailings, but I will periodically check the archives  
and you can mail me direct if you like. Hopefully I'll be back online  
properly in a few days, but a few weeks is quite possible!)  
Glenn Alexander - The man with no surname and a silly hat.  
(B.Teach, B.Ed Major IT Education, University of Wollongong Australia)  

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