Re-doing Morphic

wwasilev <wwasilev at> wwasilev at
Sun Feb 9 16:40:50 UTC 2003

See <
4.0/Tutorial/Morphic/Morphic/Morphic.html> for an Morphic/Self 


 --- In squeak at, John Maloney <JohnMaloney at e...> wrote:
> Check out the Morphic chapter in the "Blue" Squeak book. Another
> reference is the OOSPLA paper about the design principles behind the
> original version of Morphic that was done for the Self project.
> 	-- John
> At 9:24 PM -0500 2/8/03, tblanchard at m... wrote:
> >Well, Morphic is I think intended to be more than just another 
> >library.  The developers were reaching for something new.  What 
> >like to hear is a clear statement of the essential idea(s) behind 
> >morphic (at present all I can think of is "everything is 
> >You can always throw in spiffier rendering or whatever, but there 
> >weird things like steps and stuff in there that I wouldn't want to 
> >out without fully understanding what the original developers were 
> >driving at.

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