Sun Admits Java Sucks...

Robert Withers rwithers12 at
Mon Feb 10 00:40:51 UTC 2003

On Sunday, February 9, 2003, at 11:21 AM, Daniel Joyce wrote:

> Apparently Sun doesn't eat their own dogfood.
> A internal memo notes why Java is ill-suited for internal sun
> projects...

Daniel, nice find and an interesting read!  We at least have very good 
startup times in Squeak, but may of the other issues apply to us, too, 
other than the fact that the system is open to us making changes if we 
have too.  That seemed to be a big reason that caused them problems and 
make it unsuitable.

We do tend to sunset certain protocol as we move forward, and that is 
only going to increase as we hack the image.


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