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Tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Feb 10 04:50:23 UTC 2003

"Richard A. O'Keefe" <ok at> appears to have written:

> >From time to time, I have to fill out web forms where I'm required to
> supply the name of the country I'm in.  It's "New Zealand".  The easy
> way is to just have a text box and let me type it in.  Some people try
> to be clever, and provide a menu with all the countries in the world.
> There are about 240 countries, making a long menu.
Worse, it's bound to be out of date. Tomorrow a dozen new countries
might spring into existence as some african nation explodes into another
'civil war' (nothing very civil about them in my reading of history) or
one might disappear as odious george decides he wants more oil. Or,
heavens above, a couple might decide to join together for mutual benefit
and the advantage of their populace.

These kind of menus are bad enough for a relatively small list like US
states (hasn't change in a while, only likelihood is TX seceding) and
simply oughtn't be used in this way. If they _do_ have to be used in
Squeak let's at least add scrolling capability, like RiscOS has had
since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

If the menu height exceeds some value (say 95% display height for
example) then make a scrolling menu. Rather than relying on platform
oddities wrt to maintaining input focus when the cursor goes outside the
squeak window (a problem from very early squeaks) (and what about when
fullscreen) add a scroll arrow at top and bottom. Can't be hard to do
(Ned, Bob?)


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