[DISCUSSION] Is Squeak/Smalltalk able to do this?

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Mon Feb 10 07:48:14 UTC 2003

Which technique did you then used?
Because the paper was not squeak friendly. What I would really like to 
have in squeak is a primitive to execute a method 
(CompiledMethod>>value:withReceiver: in VW).


>> You have also MethodWrappers from john Brant (I know somebody ported 
>> them to squeak).
>> You can also read my Joop paper: message passing Control in Smalltalk 
>> available on my webpage.
> Stephane, your paper was fundamental in implementing SqueakElib.  I 
> decided to intercept the message lookup, rather than the 
> wrapper/instrumentation approach.  It turns out that a wrapper is 
> still needed, but the other goal is to secure these references into 
> the vm, and the approach taken supports that too.
> cheers,
> rob
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