Morphic question

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Mon Feb 10 09:16:12 UTC 2003

Dustin Sallings <dustin+squeak at> wrote:
> 	I went through some of the morphic tutorials and I think I
> understand the basic concepts.  What I didn't get was the part where you
> create a morph class that will contain one or more embeded morph classes.
> 	I can instantiate them in a project and get them all embeded and
> all that, but I'd like to create a standalone morph of which I can easily
> create multiple instances.
> 	Any pointers?

A postscript to my last mail. To construct a morph with Smalltalk code
the examples on the following page are helpful.

How to lay out submorphs


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