semaphores do not access like volatile

diegogomezdeck at diegogomezdeck at
Mon Feb 10 11:06:06 UTC 2003


Are you signaling the semaphore before changing the "results" variable?

Can you atach a piece of code with the problem?


Diego Gomez Deck

> Hello,
> I'm doing this: I send my authentication to a server, and then wait on
> a  semaphore. A reading process checks for response. if it has
> response, it  changes an instance variable (results), and sends signal
> to the semaphore.
> Now a funny thing happens: the semaphore releases the first thread, but
> the  instance variable didn't change (fast enough). if i add an
> additional delay,  everything works fine.
> what id do in java now would be declaring results volatile, but what
> should i  do in squeak?
> regards,
> nick
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> cottage cheese sculpture."

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