Re-doing Morphic ( Was: Re: Traits prototype image )

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Mon Feb 10 14:12:09 UTC 2003

Hi all!

(This is definitely not an area where I know what I am talking about but
anyway, here goes...)

If I understand Andreas correctly he/you is saying that Morphic suffers
from the fact that it is used a lot through inheritance instead of
composition. I can definitely see the fragility in that of course.

Then Andreas says that notions in eToys (which I really have no useful
knowledge about at all) could/would make it better. (When I think about
it that sounds in favour of a re-do... well, whatever)

The little I have understood about Morphic is that it really has some
cool design ideas. Like the ability to easily program "live objects" and
get damage stuff etc automagically, the idea with Morphs being tangible
from the "get go" etc. etc. All that sounds really slick and useful to

But what I don't understand is why Morphic couldn't still have all that
but primarily use composition instead of inheritance. Or perhaps that is
what Andreas is advocating. And what about the stuff you are doing in
Croquet then? I heard rumours of a simpler, minimalistic Morphic or
something at OOPSLA...

Btw - we also need to remember that Morphic is both a graphical
framework (right?) and a UI/widgetKit framework. So to speak. Of course
a nice consistent good looking simple to use complete widget kit (and
there are tons of these out there) would be useful for building simple
"apps" but don't forget that Morphic is also a generic graphical
framework forming the basis for stuff like for example Connectors.

regards, Göran

PS. And I do tend to agree that perhaps there is a bit of weird cruft in
there... I think Andreas can agree on that too. ;-)

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