Finding the changeset for a method version ( Was: RE: Morph class>>initialize ??? )

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at
Mon Feb 10 16:48:39 UTC 2003

"Brent Vukmer" <bvukmer at> wrote:
> Bob --
> How did you identify the changeset?  
> Here's what I tried:
> I opened a browser and went to Morph class >> initialize and clicked on
> the "versions" button.  I then selected the most recent version of the
> method, clicked on the middle mouse button and selected "find original
> change set".   I got the message:  'This version was not found in any
> changeset nor in the .sources file.'

You probably are using the gammaOne image which has all old changesets
deleted.  Try it in an earlier image like 3.4g or 3.4a.


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