Finding the changeset for a method version ( Was: RE: Morphclass>>initialize ??? )

Bob Arning arning at
Mon Feb 10 16:57:06 UTC 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 11:27:11 -0500 "Brent Vukmer" <bvukmer at> wrote:
>How did you identify the changeset?  
>Here's what I tried:
>I opened a browser and went to Morph class >> initialize and clicked on
>the "versions" button.  I then selected the most recent version of the
>method, clicked on the middle mouse button and selected "find original
>change set".   I got the message:  'This version was not found in any
>changeset nor in the .sources file.'


I did something similar - I browsed the method and then from the message list menu/ more.../change sets with this method. If you can't find the change set, then it is likely that old change sets have been expunged from your image. This is a common space-saving technique when building images for general distribution (I think it is usually done for the images found on uiuc). The way around this is to start with an old image and get updates yourself rather than relying on someone else to package the image for you.


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