Mythical small kernel images?

John W. Sarkela sarkela at
Mon Feb 10 20:25:42 UTC 2003

An important sanity check when shrinking images is the following:

1. Remove the part of major shrink that drops the source.
2. Attempt to recompile all the methods from source.

In my experience, this will reveal places in the code that reference
globals that have been removed from the system or which cannot
be defined or initialized in the shrunken image.

If you can recompile all the methods without error, then go ahead
and drop the source, do a full gc.

:-}> John

On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 11:24 AM, goran.hultgren at 

> Hi!
> Aaron J Reichow <reic0024 at> wrote:
>> While it may not be as nice as ~250k, one can make a pretty small 
>> image
>> using majorShrink and a little category deletion.  I'd say an MVC 
>> image
>> with networking could be attainable by most general Squeak programmers
>> that is 500k-1MB in size.  Still a lot smaller than that 9 MB JRE! :)
> Ah, sounds nice. Last time I played with the shrinking stuff I got it
> down to about 5Mb but that still included Morphic and the complete
> toolset (but no games etc).
> Perhaps I should give it a go myself.
> regards, Göran

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