[DOCS] Maximum Squeak - accelerating Squeak and named primitives.

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Mon Feb 10 20:22:31 UTC 2003

Ned Konz <ned at bike-nomad.com> appears to have written:

> http://bike-nomad.com/squeak/writingPlugins.html
Looks like a great start Ned.
a) Tim Rowledge's JPEGPlugin ? Erm, not so far as I remember! Who
actually did write it?
b) VMMaker is mentioned rather obliquely but obviously the swiki page
could link to the explanation and instructions
c) we definitely need some discussion of the difference between
InterpreterPlugin subclasses and TestInterpreterPlugin subclasses. And
we really ought to rename TestInterpreterPlugin!
d) why to write plugins? wrt speed, in general I'd advise that speed
will only really improve with fairly static code. That is to say code
where the work is not making use of polymorphism or the other benefit s
of message sending. To illustrate, I rather suspect that code to
multiply two large matices wouldbe very good to pluginise whereas a
solid modeller would not.
e) It would probably be worth desiging a series of example plugins of
increasing complexity or better yet finding ones that would serve that
aready exist in the system. FileCopyPlugin is about the simplest
possibleplugin that uses an outside function and FlippyArrayPlugin2 is
probably the simplest possible at all.

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