[DISCUSSION] Is Squeak/Smalltalk able to do this?

Withers, Robert rwithers at quallaby.com
Mon Feb 10 20:42:33 UTC 2003

heh.  I was just thinking about that when your mail came in.  It seems they
are installed into the target method dict, so no passing control.  neat!

I can't wait to hear about the other goodies coming from Bern...  ;-)


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> >   As I recall, you mention 4
> > different techniques for control message sending.  Of the 4 
> > approaches, one
> > approach was method wrappers and another approach was a vm change to
> > intercept the lookup.  I took the latter approach, while 
> Nathanael's 
> > Traits
> > work takes the former approach, I believe.
> By the way Traits do not need message passing control. They 
> are static 
> composition
> with a clever and simple semantics. So some simple optimization makes 
> them work well.
>   No magic/MOP/Mirror needed.
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