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Tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Feb 10 23:26:04 UTC 2003

Hi Colin,
take a look at :- and in particular

Not too complicated, I think. The really exciting form filling is left
to me....
is the main 'brochure' for the program which lays out in rather
officious tones what has to be done. Still, note the page 4 summary of
what an employer has to do:-

provide some details of the business and the job description (you must
have those around anyway!)

offer proof of the scarcity of suitable people (easy - refer to
recruiting work such as cls postings, squeak list postings, Precision
systems etc plus the CICs own website listing IT as a shortage skill).

copy of my resume (!)

a letter recommending me as an applicant
two forms BCNP001 and BCNP003 plus a release form BCNP002

That doesn't seem too awful a task, and as I said on the phone they
claim to be very flexible and focussed on helping.

Call (250) 387-6540 to ask for the pre-printed kit - the pdf on the
website seem to be poor quality scans of paper forms!

So what can I do to help you guys? Heck, you've read my resume, you know
what I do for Squeak; if you're serious about moving to use of any kind
of Smalltalk as an implementation tool then it's obvious that I can be
of considerable use. Aside from that, I have non-trivial skills with
graphic design and UI stuff (I was an IBM research Fellow in UI research
after all) and experience in project leading (like more than ten years),
architecture lead and team management. It is my claim that having been
a manager makes me a much better person to have around because I know
all the things to do to make life easier for my manager :-) If you're
hoping to apply for research related tax credit and grants then it might
be quite advantageous to have a widely known Smalltalk expert
with some research chops involved.

And no, I'm not a skier. So I won't be off work with a broken leg. I do
love mountains though since they're good places for flying.

If you want any references, try Alan Kay, Adele Goldeberg
(adele at, Dan Ingalls, Duane Maxwell(dmaxwell at
or just about anybody on the squeak list.

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